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Can't Quit Won't Quit is not just a catchy logo, shirt design, or product, it's life. This journey is a depiction of my life, my struggles and my declaration. This represents your life, your struggles, and your declaration. Many times we want to walk away, give up, loose hope and just stop trying. BUT DON'T QUIT

CAN'T QUIT does not give an option in the matter, it's a declaration.

When my back was against the wall and I couldn't figure out my purpose or how to pursue my passion I got depressed. I thought about all that was wrong, all that was unfair, hating the daily struggles of just existing and moving through life. In that moment a thought came to my mind, I CAN'T QUIT.

My children depend on me, my passion depends on me and my purpose depends on me. I have NO other option but to succeed, inspire, share hope, encourage, and motivate people to keep pushing, keep believing, and keep going.

This is a brand of hope, strength, love, and passion started by a single mother of 2 that chose NOT TO QUIT. I chose to face my fears, I chose to think outside the box and create something bigger than me.

I am Tiffanie W, the founder of Can't Quit Won't Quit, LLC. and WWW.CANTQUITWONTQUIT.COM and I choose not to quit.